Looking to Create Your Own Emergency Plan Online?

Emepoint is a cloud based system designed to:

  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Identify risks
  • Recover quickly
  • Plan appropriate responses

‘The tool is brilliant and easy to use. It has really brought to light the absolute necessity of having an emergency recovery system in place. I should have done this a long time ago.’

—Tania Iskra, The Clinic Altona, VIC, Australia

Designed by industry experts, EmePoint guides you through an intuitive process to produce your customised emergency response plan.

Increase your speed of recovery from any event and be ready to respond.

  • Easy to use

    Saves time by making suggestions to help complete your plan

    Automatically duplicates any data that is required more than once

    Configurable to meet the needs of your company

  • Market leader

    EmePoint is the only fully customisable cloud based Emergency Planning system currently on the market. It is the national tool for general practitioners in Australia, providing resilience to a whole sector of the healthcare system.

  • No risk!

    Easier and safer than ordering a pizza online

    Uses a secure login

    No impact on your existing systems

  • Private & secure

    Compliant with international privacy legislation

    Uses the same security approach as internet banking

Feedback from customers

‘EmePoint gave us the ability to quickly create a plan for our school, gathering a large amount of critical information into one place. EmePoint made the process simpler with time saving devices like prefilled text, automatic duplication of information and the ability to customise whole sections to meet our needs.  ’

—Alan Jackson, Principal, Titirangi Primary School, Titirangi, New Zealand

‘‘We had been very aware that we needed to complete a robust emergency plan for our business ever since the Christchurch earthquake and after I was caught in one of the strongest earthquakes in Wellington in 2013. It made me realise that our business could be at risk without a plan. EmePoint was the perfect solution as it gave us a smart, easy to use solution. We could access our planning from anywhere at any time and we were able to customise our planning exactly to our business needs.’’

—Edwin Lim, Solicitor, Hudson Gavin Martin, Auckland New Zealand.

‘I really did find the tool to be user friendly, and the fact I completed it in a day goes to show how very easy it is.’

—Julie Steel, Practice Manager, Maffra Medical Centre, VIC, Australia

‘…I love the tool, it is easy to use and actually does much of the work for you, it’s a huge asset for our imminent accreditation and I feel better knowing that we have all the information we might need in one spot.’

—Jen, Karuna-Maya Medicine Tree Clinic, VIC, Australia